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We all know that we "should" eat well and exercise. We also know that our level of health is in direct correlation with food and nutrition. Yet it seems that hardly anyone is actually following that advice as most of the people are overweight worldwide.

People need to learn to eat for their body instead of their taste buds. Of course a pizza tastes better to most people than broccoli, but that taste sensation only lasts a few seconds and is often followed by a long period of "crashing".

When you eat food for nutrition you will feel great, look great, and best of all you will be healthy.

And to be honest, once your body gets used to eating nutritious food, (like it is designed to) you will start to only want food that is good for you.

Even if you are obese or just eat a bad diet it is never too late to start putting food and nutrition together. Below are some quick and easy ways to introduce food and nutrition into your lifestyle.

You Don't Always Have To Eat The Same Thing

Many people will try to eat nutritious food, but their efforts will die off after a few weeks or months as they get tired of "eating the same thing." Of course the same salad or bowl of fruit everyday is going to get boring, but there is no reason you can't change it up or add things if you need to.

For instance if you want to change up a salad use different salad dressings, add chicken, tofu, fish, or add different cheeses, and nuts. There are also countless cookbooks that have hundreds of recipes for healthy food.

Did you know that food and nutrition does not only include fruit and vegetables? In my opinion the most important factor with the food you eat is that it is organic instead of processed. So go ahead and eat other foods, such as meat or pasta, just make sure that they are organic.

Organic food contains the natural nutrition that your body needs, while processed food (what you find in the aisles at the grocery store) is only filled with chemicals and preservatives. These chemicals and additives cause massive weight gain and are addictive. This is the sole reason so many people are fat.

Spicy Is Healthy

When it comes to food and nutrition a little spice fits right in. Spicy food is healthy to eat because it increases metabolism, gives you instant energy, and helps cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

I usually put cayenne pepper on almost everything I eat. It doesn't change the taste, it just makes it spicy. Try it and you will see what I mean.

Don't overdo it though. Some people can handle more spice than others so try different amounts of spice to see what you can handle.

As you can see combining food and nutrition is not that difficult. Once you learn how good it feels to be really healthy by eating nutritious food you won't want to eat junk food anymore anyway. Good luck on your journey towards health and wellness!


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