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You can cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend but not on your workout; so "Commit to be fit". Joseph Pilates said - "Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase." I totally agree with him.

So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.

To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.

The main reason people go to the gym, of course, is for health reasons.

Now a days people either want to lose weight or they want to bulk up and build muscles only and for this they workout, take medicines/steroids or do gymming for a quick output without any supervision but this is not the right way to make you healthy.

Here I am sharing some benefits of Gymming for those who feel that they need extra bit of motivation to start exercising and will definately say bye-bye to this attitude "Of course I'm in shape . Isn't Round a Shape?"

10 Gym Benefits never revealed..

  1. Proper gym includes Workouts, Diets, Motivation, Support, Equipment and Classes for long term output.

  2. Healthy Lifestyle: Going to gym definately improves one's fitness and overall health.

  3. Break from monotonous routine: Doing same work day and night would rather bore you.. So have a break and spend some time in stretching to recharge yourself.

  4. You get proper instruction and motivation by gym trainer which makes you physically, mentally and socially healthy.

  5. A professional gym instructor provides the right kind training and good nutritional diet guidance which makes your life better not only in terms of health and fitness but also personality and lifestyle.

  6. Gym facilitates to do workout in solo or in group of other gym-goers. This adds up to self improvement.

  7. A gym class in particular where you have to work in pairs or small groups that is a great way to develop your social interaction and meet like-minded people. You might find a healthier place to meet someone.

  8. A good environment with mild music will increase client’s concentration in workout.

  9. Great Body: Gymmers make us wonder how do they look so good? How is their body so toned? Pumping iron is easy when you set yourself high standards! :)

  10. Last but not the least a proper gym training will add variety to your exercise regime.

Drawbacks of Gym

  1. Cost: To hire a good Gym instructor in your own budget would cost you pounds. So sometime it is difficult to afford a good gym trainer in your budget.

  2. Schedule: Gym is a little longer process so you have to continue your workout for better result. You can’t be lazy when you're working out with a good gym trainer.

5 essential weight loss tips for Gym Freaks..

Gymming improves your fitness and overall lifestyle and keeps you motivated towards achieving you weight loss goals. In addition, guidance from a professional fitness trainer plus proper diet and knowing the right way to do particular exercises, is like a cake with a cherry on the top.

To start with, do not join a gym just because you wanna lose weight. Countless people have succeeded it by following a good fitness regime and having a balanced and a healthy diet. So, below I have mentioned some of the essential tips that you must check when signing up with a gym.

  1. A good good trainer: A good trainer will ask you about your physical capabilities, objectives, medical history and your illnesses. Bewaree from trainers who gets you started without bothering to know about your history. Do not hesitate to ask the trainer about his qualifications.

  2. Habituation: Do not force your body to carry weights.. Let it sink in and become habitual. Be very careful while overstraining yourself. It is very important to learn the right posture before starting with any exercise.

  3. Warm Ups(very important): A very important part of fitness regime is to warm up befre and after every session. Strating with warm up exercises like stretching your body, arms and legs will keep your body supple and free of injuries and strains. Warm up exercises at the end help you aid recovery and no cramping in the body.

  4. Cardiovascular exercises: A good gym will definately be equipped with cardio exercises machines such as walking, cycling, rowing or running. Trainer will always recommend you to start with a 5-15 min session of cardiovascular exercises and finish your day again with a 5-10 min cardiovascular exercise.

  5. Relax and Rest: Relax completely and give your body rest so that body adapts to the regime and muscles become stronger. The trainer will guide you upon your weight loss procedure/ muscle builidng procedure as to how many days/week needs to be input in the gym.

Overall gym helps you get healthy and gets you into shape. Once you start doing gym, you always feel vastly energized and positive.


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