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You hear a lot about living a healthy lifestyle, but what does that mean? In general, a healthy person doesn't smoke, is at a healthy weight, eats healthy and exercises. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

The trick to healthy living is making small changes...taking more steps, adding fruit to your cereal, having an extra glass of water...these are just a few ways you can start living healthy without drastic changes.

Everyone talks about achieving it, but most people have plenty of excuses as to why they can’t, won’t, or don’t want to change their current status. The most common excuse people make for not trying to have a healthy lifestyle is “a lack of time.” Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh, I’m tired, I don’t have time to exercise?” or “I don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight; let’s just get some fast food.”

Time and health always seem to be at odds with each other. We have time to work, time to commute, time for our business associates, but very little time to spend on ourselves, people we love, or even random people who deserve our attention.

40 Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle that take 10 Minutes or Less

  • Brush your teeth regularly, twice a day
  • Have bath on a regular basis!
  • Do 15 sit-ups before having breakfast
  • Straighten your posture everytime you sit
  • Make it a point to eat an apple daily
  • Stand up and stretch whenever you feel tired or lethargic
  • Resist the impulse purchase of a candy bar
  • Post an inspirational quote on Twitter
  • Relax your mind and onnect with your friends on social networks
  • Do 10 lunges
  • Always Smile!
  • Drink a glass of water whenever you feel thirsty.
  • Put a package of oatmeal in your pocket or purse for a healthy breakfast or snack
  • Carry a bottle of water wherever you go!
  • Ask to have your salad dressing on the side before any meal
  • Say thank you to someone who deserves it
  • Take a deep breath - this will help you become calm and quiet
  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier
  • Post a comment on a blog or post on twitter
  • Put on your make-up (this usually pertains to the ladies, but hey, whatever makes you happy)
  • Turn off the lights when you’re the last one out
  • Share a healthy recipe
  • Give your mother a call (believe me, it acts as a stress buster)
  • Wash your hands before doing every task.
  • Put on hand lotion/ use hand sanitizer
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Jog in place for atleast 5 minutes
  • Ask a friend to join you for a healthy dinner
  • Put down the remote control and get up to change the TV channel
  • Replace your next cup of coffee with a cup of tea
  • Lay out your clothes for the next day
  • Put your car keys in the same place everyday
  • Take a 10 minute break
  • Suck on a breath mint
  • Add a little pepper to your salad
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Play any game for 5 minutes - increases your focus
  • Take a quick walk
  • Take stairs; avoid escalators
  • While watching TV, do 5 push-ups during the commercial

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