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Happy Meals: How to plan your 4-course balanced meals

Fitness Mantra: You need to eat!! How you eat, however, makes a difference. "Dinner is one meal you should take lightly".

Your four-week countdown dinner is certainly about controlling portions and cutting excess fat. Remember, what you put in is what you will get out!

During the 4-week countdown dinner, please remember to eat regularly, prefer not to have dinner later than 9pm (so that you don't sleep on a full stomach.)

Do not eat more than the prescribed portions, but do not skip any course either. Even if you feel full after the third course, it is essential to complete the entire dinner plan. This helps you avoid a mid-night trip to the refrigerator, which is the last thing you want to do!

The idea is to feel satisfied not stuffed!

Dinner Formula

  • Starter Sips
  • Nutri Bowl
  • Fibre Filler
  • Main Course as per diet plan

"During dinner, you'll be filling yourself with a liquid, then another slightly thicker liquid, followed by a portion of fibre, ehich works as a high water content appetizer, and lastly, a main course."

While the quality and quantity of food is important, it is equally important to leave a bit of space in your stomach empty. This allows the digestive juices to do their work efficiently. 1/4 liquids, 1/2 solids and 1/4 empty.

Unlimited Starter Sips

To give a start to your meal, 'drink as much as you want'. Starter Sips are basically a negligible calorie. They consist of unlimited amount of light, watery liquids to start you off. It works as an initial filler and also aids digestion. Your stomach begins to get into gear.

Nutri Bowl (1 cup)

Nutri Bowl is a more substantial course. This course is a more robust liquid, in the form of soup (without cereals such as noodles, rice or pasta). It is heavier than the first course and is a perfect follow up to the digestive liquid. Your nutri bowl is loaded with combinations of vitamins, minerals and proteins and practically no fat. You can always alter the varities in your nutri bowl which gives delicious variations.

Fibre Filler (1 cup)

This is practically your third course which puts you onto a fibre-rich, moisture-rich filler. Think juicy veggies, fruits, crispy sprouts, crunchy salads etc. Fibre filler must be chewed slowly which in turn helps you absorb valuable nutrients that are good for you.

Amother bonus is that your Fibre Filler has very limited calories, making it a guilt-free munch crunch!

Main Course

By now, most of you must be overloaded; so its ok to take a break before your main course, no problem at all. The time you get to the main course, you already feel satisfied. This helps you to stay within the requirements of you diet dinner without a sense of being deprived.

Why start with dinner?

Most common diet blunders happen at dinner. You're working during the day, then you come home and allow yourself to indulge. Or you catch up with friends for drinks and dinner and let go yourself. But dinner is a cricual meal - that's the time you body need less calories because you're going to sleep and your metabloism is slowing down.


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