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How to de-stress yourself!

Today's modern life is full of problems, deadlines, frustrations, demands and worries. For many people, stress is so common that it has become a way of life. Even if they opt for not taking any stress, it comes handy.

Stress is not always bad. In small doses, can help you perform under pressure and motivate to do best. But when you're constantly running in emergency mode, the mind and body pay the price.

If you frequently find yourself feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, it’s time to take action to bring your nervous system back into balance.

Learning to manage stress can be a powerful weapon in your fight against adverse conditions. Coping with stress is all about having a hold, on our thoughts, emotions, environment, and the way we deal with problems. To beat stress there are certain dos and don’ts one must keep in mind.

Lifestyle Management: 15 stress-buster tips

  • Identify the sources of stress.
  • Express your feelings instead of bottling them up.
  • Talk with family, friends or other advisers about your concerns and stress and ask for their support.
  • Take 15 to 20 minutes a day to sit quietly, breathe deeply and meditate.
  • Learn to accept things you can’t change.
  • Chant ‘om’ daily, and especially before an imp task.
  • When you’re struggling with stress, it can be tempting to turn to alcohol, cigarettes or even unhealthy food for comfort. But beware; these behaviours will only compound your stress.
  • Be positive – look for the good in situations instead of the bad.
  • Reframe problems, try to view stressful situations form a more positive perspective.
  • Don’t try to control the uncontrollable.
  • Choose healthy ways to recharge yourself like long walks and yoga.
  • Spend time amidst nature.
  • Light aroma candles and listen to you favourite music.
  • Learn to say no. Give yourself enough time to get things done.
  • Maintain a stress journal. It can help you identify the constant stressors in your life and the way you deal with them. Each time you feel stressed, keep track of it in your journal.

Apart from managing lifestyle, how to eat to beat stress is also a big question?

Try to incorporate these foods in your eating schedule

  • Vegetable juices – the juice of cabbages and carrots with a little beetroot, ginger and spinach is a wonderful source of antioxidants, which improves memory function.

  • Fruits - eating whole fruits is many times more beneficial than drinking fruit juice. Whole fruits are rich in B complex, which is very essential for the nerves, besides being rich in vitamin C, natural sugar fructose and minerals.

  • Wholegrains – many of us do not realise that most of the food we eat is so highly refined that it has lost most of its vitamins and minerals, and when we eat such foods, our body gets deficient in many areas. Wholegrains like dalia( porridge with vegetables), unpolished rice, boiled black gram are a few of the healthier versions of foods that we can adopt.


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