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Skin Care: How to protect your skin from Sun?

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Our skin is the most exposed part of the body that has to inevitably endure the test of nature and time. Skin covers outer body, hence making it more prone to dust, pollution, seasonal changes, etc. Mental stress, physical stress all directly affects the skin, and the results are visible.

Skin is that part of the body which gets max sun exposure. Sun has some harmful rays like UV rays which can deeply destroy our protective shield i.e skin. If we don't compromise with the health of our body why compromise with the health of our skin? Skin care is essential for healthy living.

Experts say that skin should be treated with minimal amount of chemicals. Mental and physical stress leads to degradation of skin.

Ever wondered why a child's skin is so lively and full of life?? Reason stand right besides our daily life. Daily life stress on teenagers, peer pressure, pressure of studies, competition with the outer world etc. All such pressures lead to early signs of aging.

Note: The skin is made up of 7 layers. To reach and activate the deepest layer of the tissue, roughly 800 matra time of tactile sensation or massage is required. Going by this theory, 15 min of massage is enough daily.

Home remedies for glowing skin

  • For perfectly radiant and clean skin, exfoliate with 2 tbsp of oatmeal – only if you have an oily skin.

  • For normal skin – prepare a scrub of 1 tbsp (each) chick-pea powder and milk powder, a pinch of turmeric, half a tsp of sandalwood powder, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp of glycerine and a pinch of baking soda. Make a soft paste by adding either fresh milk or olive oil (according to requirement and skin type). Rub this into your skin for 15 to 20 min before showering atleast 3-4 times a week.

  • A massage with milk cream and a few drops of lemon helps to remove dirt and add shine to the skin. A few drops of glycerine added to bath water keeps the skin supple and moisture.

  • Aloe vera juice and turmeric paste on the skin are perfect for all seasons and a great way to get soft and radiant skin.

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