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I love being a TEEN mum..

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The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on anyone or anything. You realize that you control your own destiny… --- Albert Ellis

Teenage is the time when a person’s body and mind undergoes a lot of changes. Puberty and adolescence diversifies a person’s body and makes a teenager very conscious about his or her appearance.

Adolescence period generally ranges from the last years of the elementary school until graduation from high school.

Issues prevailing @ adolescence

  • Physical Health

    • Healthy Living Tips
    • Staying Happy
    • Mind, Body and Soul
    • Family Support and Guidance

  • Mental Health

    • Teen Depression
    • Substance Use and Abuse
    • Certain Mental Illness

  • Emotional Health

    • Dating and Love
    • Friends and Relationships
    • Teenage Sex
    • Unintended Teenage Pregnancy

The word Adolescence means “to emerge”; but as said every coin ahs two sides. Some of the characteristics and problems that emerge with this word are:

  • A - Aggressive, Anemic, Abortion
  • D - Dynamic, Developing, Depressed
  • O - Overconfident, Overindulging, Obese
  • L - Loud but lonely and lacking information
  • E - Enthusiastic, Explorative, and Experimenting
  • S - Social, Sexual and Spiritual
  • C - Courageous, Cheerful, and Concern
  • E - Emotional, Eager, Emulating
  • N - Nervous, never say no to Peers
  • T - Temperamental, Teenage Pregnancy

Well as mentioned earlier, every coin has two sides; and when we think deeply on this word we get the answer as:

  • A - Adoption of healthy lifestyle
  • D - Develop appropriate i.e. strategy discourage early marriage and teenage pregnancy
  • O - Organize adolescent/ youth friendly clinic
  • L - Life skill training, legal support, liaison with peers , parents
  • E - Educate about sexuality, safe sex, spirituality, responsible parenthood
  • S - Safe, secure and supportive environment to be provided
  • C - Counseling / curriculum in school inclusive of family life education
  • E - Enable & empower for responsible citizenship
  • N - Networking for experience sharing
  • T - Training for income generation, teen clubs

The challenges are there, but potential is far greater!!

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health and beauty, health and wellness, health and fitness, health and nutrition, food and nutrition, diet and exercises